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Product # 23 : Pebble Rug!

The Pebble Rug - 15" Dia

This is one of my personal favorites…

This pebble rug is made by stuffing small bits of fabric inside larger pieces to make into balls. It feels so good under your feet!!!

Can be made of any size you desire.

Price : For 15″ Dia (approx) Rs 350/-

30″ Dia (approx) Rs 750/-

For any other size : Please contact me

Shipping Extra


Product # 22 : Diwan Set

This one was another made to order diwan set. It included 2 Bed Spreads (One of it was about 8 feet long) + 6 Cushion Covers + 4 Bolster Covers

The Diwan Set

Made from 3 sarees – typical georgette sarees with a lot of embellishments. It looks great in the house of the owners – a young couple’s first home!

View from the other side

Price : Rs. 1500/- (you provide the sarees)

shipping extra

Product # 21 : Gift Bags

Do you hate gift wrapping that is offered as a free service at all the shops? Are you environmentally aware about the hazards of the plastic in the wrapping paper that you use? Here’s a green solution for you.

The Gift Bag

We have Gift Bags in assorted sizes, in different colors. Ideal for small to medium size gifts. Eco-friendly and re-usable.

Price : Rs. 30/- each (shipping Extra)

My first Giveaway!!! Leave a comment & you could win a pillow case!

This is my first give away! The reason… well, I’m happy! I’m happy that FINALLY my sewing room is ready to welcome my new bernette! happy, that i’m getting to spend more time with my kiddo! happy, that i have learnt to do something that i’ve never known i did…

So here it is… Leave a comment before 31st march and you could win a pair of pillow cases. 16″ x 16″.

Here’s what might arrive in your mailbox!

1. The blue & green one

2. The sunny yellow

3. The Pretty Pink

You wont be getting him, but i couldn't resist posting this snap...

So, leave a comment and I will select 3  random readers to get a pair each!

Product # 11 : Curtains!!

These were made to order for a friend. When we discussed about curtains from old dupattas I had absolutely no idea how they were gonna turn out! But here they are; and I love them… Am thinking of making some for myself too but when winter comes… (Right now I just love the dark curtains that block out all the harsh sunlight from my room!)

sheer curtains!

These ones made from old sheer dupattas, are for her living room. I made those straps also from stash of chiffon fabric that I had. It turned out pretty good!

The patchwork curtain!

This one’s for her bedroom. It is co-ordinated with her bed spread and uses the same patches as it. This creates a much more cosy atmosphere.

The loop

And this is the detail of the loops that I made to hang the curtains!

Price : Rs. 100/- per running feet length – 4’height

Rs. 175/- per running feet length – 7′ height

(you give the dupattas / dresses)

Shipping extra

Product # 9 : Small Purse

the purse This sweet little 9 patch purse carries my cell-phone, i-pod, keys and money very well. I use it everyday and am very happy with it. 🙂 Size 6″ x 6″

So I’ve got more of these made

Price Rs. 100/-

shipping extra

Product # 5 : Memory Quilt

This one is made for myself… To celebrate 5 wonderful years of our married life!!! But I can make one for you in a size that you want and in the colors that you want…

The memory quilt in my room...

You have to give me the photographs on a cd (or mail them to me)

The Quilt is made in 6″ x 6″ blocks out of which a few blocks have a white square in the center which will have your snaps…

An ideal gift to mark a special occasion…

Isn't it just beautiful???Price :

For 9′ x 9′ (16 photographs) : Rs. 4500/-

7′ x 7′ : (12 photographs) : Rs 3500/-

5′ x 7′ : (9 photographs) : Rs 2750/-

3′ x 4′ Wall Hanging (6 photographs) : Rs 1500/-

Shipping not included.