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Product # 29 : The Lemon Quilt!

Its finally finished. And I did something yesterday that I was scared of even trying. I did this one with a free motion quilting all over!!!

Neatly folded…

It was so overwhelming. And my fingers are still numb. But one look at it and I know it was worth all the effort!

Check out the free motion quilting

So here’s the Lemon Quilt up for sale in my shop!

Price : Rs. 2000/-

Size : 4′ x 6′


Product # 26 : The Paintbox Quilt!!! Its done!!!

Finally, Its done!!!

My Paintbox Quilt… I know its not really great… I was a complete novice when I was piecing it together. I plan to make another one soon. So here’s a listing for the Quilt. I’ll make one for you, if you want me to… There’ll be some modifications, but the basic concept will remain…

The Paintbox Quilt

It looks gorgeous!

Custom Made.

Price : Rs. 150 per Sq.ft.

Available in following sizes.

1. 36″ X 36″ (Small Baby)

2. 52″ X 52″ (Large Baby)

3. 64″ – 72″ x 86″ – 96″ (Twin)

4. 88″ – 99″ x 94″ – 108″ (Queen)

5. 94″ – 108″ x 94″ – 108″ (King)

Please feel free to mail me the size you desire.

Paintbox Quilt Along!

God knows why, but I joined the Paintbox Quilt Along by Elizabeth. I’m a complete novice when it comes to making blocks for quilts. But I did it and I’m keeping my word.

Set # 1

I’m done with cutting all the blocks and stitching most of them. 😀 (Thats an achievement in itself.) Though cutting them was really boring. But I managed to do it while I was staying at the hospital while mom underwent hysterectomy last month at Pune. (Lot of Aadi-free time, you know!)

Set # 2

So right now, I’m just a few blocks away from completing the blocks!!! Then comes the sashing (which I honestly dread) and the sandwich (Which I dread even more).

Set # 3


I guess the free motion quilting will have to wait till my new machine arrives.

Set # 4

The one I use right now belonged to my Grandma (it was on this machine that my Grandpa – Anna, as we all called him – stitched our infant clothes! I’m so glad to be using the same machine. But the problem is that it is a straight stitch machine. I tried the Singer 2818, but wasn’t satisfied with it. I might go for a Bernette 56 or Bernette 66. But after the great experience with the company executives, I’ve finalized the brand!

Set # 5

So, the quilting will be done after I get my new machine. Hopefully, it’ll be before the end of the next month. 🙂

Set # 6

So lets see what happens next. Right now enjoy the splashes of colours!!!

Set # 7

Product # 5 : Memory Quilt

This one is made for myself… To celebrate 5 wonderful years of our married life!!! But I can make one for you in a size that you want and in the colors that you want…

The memory quilt in my room...

You have to give me the photographs on a cd (or mail them to me)

The Quilt is made in 6″ x 6″ blocks out of which a few blocks have a white square in the center which will have your snaps…

An ideal gift to mark a special occasion…

Isn't it just beautiful???Price :

For 9′ x 9′ (16 photographs) : Rs. 4500/-

7′ x 7′ : (12 photographs) : Rs 3500/-

5′ x 7′ : (9 photographs) : Rs 2750/-

3′ x 4′ Wall Hanging (6 photographs) : Rs 1500/-

Shipping not included.

Product # 4 : A sunny cotton quilt

The Sunny Cotton Quilt

Made from bright orange and white pure cotton, this traditional three layer quilt looks as fresh as the flowers in spring!

Price : Rs 1750/- (does not include shipping)

More to come in the next few days!

i love the binding... it came out much better than i thought it would...


This is my blog and its mostly about my new venture – Shruti’s – the ‘up’cycle shop. Although you’ll find other posts like my poetry and a few personal moments too.

About Shruti’s : There is a lovely story behind this venture. It starts in 2007. After the birth of my son, I was left with tonnes of ill-fitting clothes. I did what normal Indian women would do. Selected a few and gave them away to my maids. But still I was left with three bagful of them. I gave them to a ‘boharin’ – a Maharashtrain woman, who goes from door to door collecting old clothes and giving stainless steel utensils in return.

Prema – that was her name – told me then that with the dropping prices of new clothes and an awareness about looking good, people were not buying these old clothes as much as they did earlier. All that she could give me, in return of 3 bagful of clothes was a small ‘dabba’.

The thoughts lingered in my mind for quite a longer time than I thought it would. The next time, i had a few old clothes left – and this time there were just a couple of dresses, i decided to make something creative out of them. I ended up using the dupattas to make these lovely pillow covers.

They were just wonderful and my friends didn’t believe i had used my old clothes to do them.

I was happy. But still was left with the dresses of those dupattas. My mind got racing again. What could i make out of them?

My living room was being renovated at the time. Complete with a wooden trussed roof and a warli painting on one wall, it was a complete traditional looking. I was looking for a good seating to be kept there. My husband, Rohit, and I both liked the idea of having a ‘bajla’ a woven cot mostly foundon indian ‘dhaba’s, in our living room.

Then another idea struck me.Instead of buying a woven cot, why dont i weave one out of my old clothes? I got my carpenter to make a frame using leftover wood and got to work. I cut up strips of my dresses and made them into a stool. Both of us were happy with the result. And we made 3 more.  (I gave away one to my brother)

As a part of project at work, i had to visit the slums in the city. Meeting the women there really changed the way i thought. I felt i had to do something for them. But at that time, i did not know what.

It was in November 2009, when i thought of ‘up’cycling old clothes as a business venture. I started off with just a couple of women doing the sewing. But soon the idea grew to a larger scale and today i have about a 50 women who work for me.

I am happy to say that, these women earn a decent INR 200, working from home. And since i teach them to sew new things, they increase their skill also.

My future blogs will give you an idea of what we manufacture. The range of products is from doormats to bedspreads and cushion covers to mobile pouches.

We also came up with the idea of making grocery bags from old newspaper. Currently we can manufacture about 50,000 to 1,00,000 bags a month.

Shruti’s – the ‘up’cycle shop, was started as something that I could occupy myself with during the break that i took from my work, following a short illness. But soon, it has been a very successful enterprise with an ever-increasing list of clients.

Product # 2 – A Denim Memory Quilt

Made to Order for a friend of my husband, this quilt came out to be much better than I had even imagined.

Its made from 196 pieces cut from 12 pairs of jeans that belonged to his wife!

I’m proud of this one!!

Price : Rs. 2000/- (you give me the jeans too) as usual – the price does not include shipping.