World Earth Day!

So what is that one thing you plan to change that will help make Earth a better place?

Today I pledge “I will not waste electricity in my house. No unnecessary gadgets will be running. Lights of unoccupied rooms will be turned off. Chargers of different items will not be removed from the appliances and switches left off. ┬áThe computer or the modem will be switched off after use.”

Go ahead. Do your bit.


I got a new signature!!! Isn’t it nice… I’ll be putting it at the end of all my blogs now… Cool!!!

Product # 31 : The Colorful Color Pencil Case

This is a fun case to keep your color pencils. I’m sure kids are going to love this.

Its made from scraps of 12 different colors inside with pockets for 12 pencils. It can be made to order for 24/36/48 pencils or with double rows of pockets for crayons.

The colorful color pencil case

Just roll it and tie!!!

Feel free to ask for custom designs.

Price : Rs. 150/-

shipping extra

does not include pencils/ crayons

Product # 30 : A Baby Quilt

This is a 3′ x 4′ baby quilt made from two printed and two plain white pillow covers.

Aadi loved this one!!!

I love this one!

Price : Rs. 450/-

shipping extra

This is cool!!!

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Product # 29 : The Lemon Quilt!

Its finally finished. And I did something yesterday that I was scared of even trying. I did this one with a free motion quilting all over!!!

Neatly folded…

It was so overwhelming. And my fingers are still numb. But one look at it and I know it was worth all the effort!

Check out the free motion quilting

So here’s the Lemon Quilt up for sale in my shop!

Price : Rs. 2000/-

Size : 4′ x 6′

What you like me to make?

I have been making a lot of things that┬áhave had a special appeal to me. Is there anything that you’ve liked? Mail me a snap of it and I’ll try to make it. Or simply make suggestions of things you’d like me to play at.
The possibilities are endless. I’m waiting for your responses.
Thanks for dropping by. The rising visitor count keeps me going!!! (Though I’d appreciate a few orders too)