My Favorite Blogger # 1 : Shalmalee

She has been one of my favorite persons for quite a long time. I got to know her five years back, when she was working opposite my hubby in a play for a state competition. She won the prize for her act, and she truely deserved it. Shalmalee, has been more a kid sister than a friend. I’ve admired the way she worked hard for the play. All through the final year of her graduation. She had a clear picture in her mind about what she wanted and she was ready to work hard to achieve it. The making of “Ti Khidki” was the best time that we got to spend with her. Not to forget the superb new year party after that…

She went to USA the following year. Fell in love with Mandar, another wonderful person (I dont know him much personally but from what I hear from her, he seems to be one… ) and got married to him. She is a full bouquet of art : A good poet, a wonderful dancer, a talented actress and a super writer.

Her blog is a portal into her world. Where we get to read a few glimpses of her mind. Be it the excited chatter about how Mandy celebrated her birthday or the portrayal of the turmoil going through her heart after they had their first fight! Her other blog is a picture blog depicting her culinary skills.. It sure is mouth watering!

Here’s the link to her blog :

All the best to you, Shalu dear… for all that you choose to do in the future!!!


An introduction of my favorite bloggers…

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to introduce you all to all the fabulous people here in my blogroll! There is a reason why they’re here… And I’ll tell you all the story why they are my favorites… Staying at Mon & Dad’s place for a week, so not much sewing going on… Stay tuned!!!

An evening at the fun fair!

We do not have an amusement park here in Sangli. So when a ‘fun-fair’ was announced, I was really happy. Was hoping to see my little one enjoy in those rides. So one evening, I took him and the 2 daughters of my household help to the fair… They really did enjoy a lot!!!
Glad that I did that..

He sure did enjoy a lot!

Tutorial # 2 : A Super Stash-buster

I hope you guys have been keeping all the fabric scraps… And I also remember I had said something about keeping those tiny pieces too… So here’s the Super Stash Buster Block…

Step 1 : Cut a piece for foundation piecing 2 inches larger than the desired block size.

Step 2 : Take a piece of odd shaped scrap from your stash and applique it to the foundation piece with a zig-zag stitch around all edges.

Step 3 : Lay another piece right next to one of the edges and repeat step 2.

Step 4 : Continue till you have covered the entire backing fabric. Your Block is ready!

I suggest that you use white linen for the sashing as it will really bring out the colors on your block. You start using larger pieces. Dont worry about the small gaps in between the pieces. You can cover them up with the tiny pieces later. Alternatively if you use a printed scrap as foundation this wont be a bother at all.

Here’s my block. Will upload the snap of the finished quilt soon.

My crazy patch block

Hope you have a great time getting rid of your stash.

Keep Looking Out!!!

Do you have a lot of these???

Or these?

Keep them all ready… There’s something new coming… Oh.. Please also keep those small (tiny) bits too… We’re going to need them… Pieces even less than 1/2″… So dont throw our your scraps the next week…

And keep looking back here next week to see something wonderful and scrappy!!!

A giveaway!

My quilt-blogging friend John is hosting a give-away to celebrate his 2nd “Blogiverssary” Do drop in to say hi and you could be the lucky one to win A fat quarter set… or may be a half yard set… oh, may be a pincushion, or… some quilting books… maybe a mini quilt… or a scrap bundle… oh, are you tired yet, wait there’s more… a clutch, jelly roll, charm pack, notepad purses… oh, i’m out of my breath now… you could even win a quilting service, or the free copy of the inaugaral issue of  fat quarterly + a pack of assorted fat quarters!!! You could also win an ipad sleeve made by me!!!

Go ahead and drop in at


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Remember the Denim Quilt? Well, I just entered it in a contest on Quilting Bloggers.

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