I’m back!!!

It has been a tiring week! First was the issue with the internet connection back at my mother’s place. And I came back home on Monday only to find my PC not working either!! When it came back from the service center (which by the way is run by my dear husband) we realized that the broadband connection was not working.

It took 2 days for the engineer just to create a short-cut for it. And that was when we realized we had lost the username and password!! Wow!!!

After another 2 days of searching for it in vain. I ultimately decided to try it myself. I deleted all the “new connections” that the engineer had made and restarted the PC! And guess what!!! It started running absolutely smoothly…


So all of you must be wondering why aren’t there any updates about my products. Well Shruti’s – the ‘up’cycle shop is having a vacation! We’ll reopen on the 1st of June… Till then enjoy my quilting!!!

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