My Favorite Blogger # 1 : Shalmalee

She has been one of my favorite persons for quite a long time. I got to know her five years back, when she was working opposite my hubby in a play for a state competition. She won the prize for her act, and she truely deserved it. Shalmalee, has been more a kid sister than a friend. I’ve admired the way she worked hard for the play. All through the final year of her graduation. She had a clear picture in her mind about what she wanted and she was ready to work hard to achieve it. The making of “Ti Khidki” was the best time that we got to spend with her. Not to forget the superb new year party after that…

She went to USA the following year. Fell in love with Mandar, another wonderful person (I dont know him much personally but from what I hear from her, he seems to be one… ) and got married to him. She is a full bouquet of art : A good poet, a wonderful dancer, a talented actress and a super writer.

Her blog is a portal into her world. Where we get to read a few glimpses of her mind. Be it the excited chatter about how Mandy celebrated her birthday or the portrayal of the turmoil going through her heart after they had their first fight! Her other blog is a picture blog depicting her culinary skills.. It sure is mouth watering!

Here’s the link to her blog :

All the best to you, Shalu dear… for all that you choose to do in the future!!!

    • shaluv
    • May 4th, 2010

    awwwwwww…..thank u so much shruti di.. :))
    i have sure had the time of life when we were working on “Ti Khidki”…good old days…i wish i can have those 15/20 days and nights back to experience all the fun again….not to forget your hot hot mind-blowing tea during the practices :)) oh i miss u all so much!!!

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