The Cloud 9 Quilt!

What are you left with when you are given more than 100 assorted clothes to make lots of furnishing items???

Lots of Scraps!

I had 3 boxes of scraps (of decent size, I’m not counting the miniature ones!) left after the order. I decided to make something cool out of it.

So here’s the quilt top… I have used strips (some even as narrow as one inch) to make the 9″ x 9″ blocks… There are 81 blocks in all. 41 – string pieced and 40 plain white…  The scrappy blocks floating between the white ones inspired me to name this one : The Cloud 9 Quilt!

I’m in love with this one.

Have a look :

The Cloud 9 Quilt Top

Details of a block

Another view of the Quilt top

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