My sewing room wish list

Here are a few things I just loved and would like to make a part of my sewing room. So all those wonderful friends that I have, feel free to gift these to me anytime you want… (my birthday’s just too far to wait ;)… )

1.  A smart cutting table.

This one is just beautiful and functional!

2. A wall full of designer fabrics!!!

Amy Butler, Micheal Miller, Heather Bailey, Jennifer Pagenelli, Robert Kauffman… the list goes on and on…

This one’s a beautiful way to display the fabrics…

3. A wonderful thread storage solution!

Elizabth has a wonderful one here!

4. A lovely & bright sewing room!!!

I have been searching the net for inspirations and have shortlisted the following 4 room for the look that they give…

The first is of Alicia Paulson. Its a bit girly for my usual style… but isn’t sewing a bit girly too???

Second is that of Heather. I love the fabric circles. They’re so chic and so easy too…

The third is that of Chaletgirl. Its amazing. Again its a perfectly girlish room. But…

And finally the fourth, it belongs to Rebekah

OMG! I love the white chair!!! And the color combo…

Last but not the least… I’d surely like to buy this one!!!

And yeah all of you, who’re thinking why would you gift me anything from all these… just wish me luck that i can buy these myself! Nothing can make anyone happier than seeing their dreams come true!

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