My Studio!

After searching the World Wide Web for inspiration, and thinking over it about a thousand times, I decided to convert Aadi’s old room into my studio. This is how it looks now! It’s an arrangement for about 2-3 years (max) and after that I’ll be shifting my studio to the wonderful little out house that we’ve got! I know It still needs a little… okay… a lot of organization, but I’m on my way to do it.

My new studio!

So, ultimately I’m aiming for it to look something like this. Its the sewing room of one of my favorite quilters : Elizabeth, who has started the Paint Box Quilt Along.

So right now, I begin by getting rid of the clothes by cutting them up into fabrics of various sizes. Fat quarters, Fat eighths, large & small scraps. Mind well, I do not throw away even a tiny bit, I use all my left over scraps (which cannot be sewed) to stuff pillows that I also stitch!

So I go from this

The huge pile!!!

to this

The neat Fat Quarters!

in two hours! Not bad! I have 28 FQs, 36 FEs and two boxful of scraps!!!

Also the stack looks much neater…

And about Aadi not having his own room… Dont worry, he’s got a room better than the earlier one.

Aadi's new room

The bright orange wall is really inspiring. And the coat on the wall, belongs to Rohit’s grandfather! A reminder of what a great ancestor he’s got.

A home for his friends too...

I loved this cupboard right from the days when it was in my parents-in-law’s room. So the moment they decided to redo their room, I got it here!!! Isn’t it really cute!

If you guys have any suggestions about the sewing room, please feel free to comment.

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