Tutorial # 1: Jeans Apron!!!

Finally, I dare enough to write my first tutorial… Here’s for you…

The Jeans Apron

This lovely apron is made from a pair of old jeans… Its fun to make…

You will need :

An old pair of jeans (One or Two size larger will work better)



Embellishment – Lace, Fabric etc

Fabric Glue

Yeah, Thats all you need

Here you go

1. Cut off the legs of your jeans. You will be using the rear side of the jeans for the apron. So cut off the front side except the waist band.

2. Now, trim the bottom of the jeans to shape that suits you.

the embellishments

3. Use the fabric glue to stick the embellishments to decorate your apron as you like it

4. Now pass the ribbon through the loops for the belt and stick this one to the waist band too.

the ribbon through the belt loops...

Viola!! Your apron is done…

thats me and my new apron in the mirror in my dining room!!!

Now go photograph it. Even better, photograph yourself with it!! And mail them to me too. I’d love to see what you’ve done!!!

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