Product # 11 : Curtains!!

These were made to order for a friend. When we discussed about curtains from old dupattas I had absolutely no idea how they were gonna turn out! But here they are; and I love them… Am thinking of making some for myself too but when winter comes… (Right now I just love the dark curtains that block out all the harsh sunlight from my room!)

sheer curtains!

These ones made from old sheer dupattas, are for her living room. I made those straps also from stash of chiffon fabric that I had. It turned out pretty good!

The patchwork curtain!

This one’s for her bedroom. It is co-ordinated with her bed spread and uses the same patches as it. This creates a much more cosy atmosphere.

The loop

And this is the detail of the loops that I made to hang the curtains!

Price : Rs. 100/- per running feet length – 4’height

Rs. 175/- per running feet length – 7′ height

(you give the dupattas / dresses)

Shipping extra

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