My living room….

I and Rohit, moved into the second floor of the house that we shared with my in-laws on 23rd May last year. At that time, the house was really simple.

the temporary living room

We used the room, that was meant to be Aadi’s room, ‘coz its near the kitchen-dining , as the living room. We did not spend a penny on the furniture then.

The dining room

my kitchen!

It was in June that we started thinking of converting a terrace separating our bedroom from these three rooms into a living room.

the original terrace

It was completed on 31st Dec. I know its a loooooooooooooooong time, but when half the things are DIY, it does take that long. And I’m really proud of what I have turned it into.

Thats how it looks now!

and the other wall!

the best feature...

WE lovvee it!!!

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