Paintbox Quilt Along!

God knows why, but I joined the Paintbox Quilt Along by Elizabeth. I’m a complete novice when it comes to making blocks for quilts. But I did it and I’m keeping my word.

Set # 1

I’m done with cutting all the blocks and stitching most of them. 😀 (Thats an achievement in itself.) Though cutting them was really boring. But I managed to do it while I was staying at the hospital while mom underwent hysterectomy last month at Pune. (Lot of Aadi-free time, you know!)

Set # 2

So right now, I’m just a few blocks away from completing the blocks!!! Then comes the sashing (which I honestly dread) and the sandwich (Which I dread even more).

Set # 3


I guess the free motion quilting will have to wait till my new machine arrives.

Set # 4

The one I use right now belonged to my Grandma (it was on this machine that my Grandpa – Anna, as we all called him – stitched our infant clothes! I’m so glad to be using the same machine. But the problem is that it is a straight stitch machine. I tried the Singer 2818, but wasn’t satisfied with it. I might go for a Bernette 56 or Bernette 66. But after the great experience with the company executives, I’ve finalized the brand!

Set # 5

So, the quilting will be done after I get my new machine. Hopefully, it’ll be before the end of the next month. 🙂

Set # 6

So lets see what happens next. Right now enjoy the splashes of colours!!!

Set # 7

    • shaluv
    • March 8th, 2010

    i can see…its lot of work!

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