Product # 5 : Memory Quilt

This one is made for myself… To celebrate 5 wonderful years of our married life!!! But I can make one for you in a size that you want and in the colors that you want…

The memory quilt in my room...

You have to give me the photographs on a cd (or mail them to me)

The Quilt is made in 6″ x 6″ blocks out of which a few blocks have a white square in the center which will have your snaps…

An ideal gift to mark a special occasion…

Isn't it just beautiful???Price :

For 9′ x 9′ (16 photographs) : Rs. 4500/-

7′ x 7′ : (12 photographs) : Rs 3500/-

5′ x 7′ : (9 photographs) : Rs 2750/-

3′ x 4′ Wall Hanging (6 photographs) : Rs 1500/-

Shipping not included.

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